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  • GB Name : xVirally + OTOs
  • Version :Last
  • OS :Anything
  • Type : 20-in-1 Social Media Poster

xVirally is an all in one Social Media marketing suite. Automate content posting across 20 platforms, search for trending content, create posts using our database of over 1m high quality royalty free images and edit with our built in image editors.

Auto reply to mentions, comments and messages. Group accounts by brands and the front end version alone includes up to 10,000 posts per month!


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FE - xVirally Pro

  • Automate content creation and posting ACROSS 20 PLATFORMS (Never been done before)
  • Add unlimited accounts and group them by niches/businesses
  • Access 1m royalty free images and use the built in rich post editor to make them POP!
  • Plan and schedule up to 10,000 posts per month for 2 years! (Never been done before)
  • 100mb storage included for images
  • Automate your messeneger, comments and mentions replies for Fb and IG
  • Access unlimited content with the built in RSS aggregator (Never been done before)
  • Import content from Dropbox and search Twitter and Instagram for trending hashtags in your niche

OTO1 - xVirally Elite

  • Access the Stream app (Never seen before)
  • The stream app will show all of your social media activity in one easy to read place.
  • Our built in templates allow you to display quickly what’s happening across YouTube, Google, Facebook, Twitter, Blogger and Tumblrr
  • Access The Fb Ads App (Never Seen Before)
  • Our built in Facebook and Instagram ads dashboard not only allows you to automatically create ads using your scheduled posts but you can also create labels so that your post ads follow whatever automated rules you set.
  • This is Fb and IG ads but on autopilot and they get more intelligent as time goes on. Next level stuff.
  • Access The Advanced Planner
  • The advanced planner feature will allow users to schedule up to 1,000 automated social media posts across 20 platforms in just a few clicks including advanced ‘post recycling’
  • Use our built in Rich-Post Editor and our Image Editor to make either your own images or images from our 1m+ library stand out from the competition!

OTO2 - xVirally Agency

  • Ability to add Team Members
  • DFY PowerPoint Presentation Template
  • Professional DFY Proposal Template
  • Pro DFY Letter-head & Business Cards
  • DFY Email Sequence
  • DFY Professional Phone & In Person Sales Script
  • High Paying Clients Training
  • DFY website ready to upload and use

OTO3 - xVirally Reseller

  • Ability to Resell FE & OTO 1
  • 50 Accounts for $97
  • 150 Accounts for $197
  • Huge profit potential as the user can resell up to 150 accounts whilst covering their investment with just 3 sales. This equates to $12,348 profit per buyer.

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