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  • GB Name : WP Stealth Site + OTOs
  • Version :Last
  • OS :Anything
  • Type : Anti Copy Plugin

In 1-Click: Secretly Disguise Your Site From Hackers and Spies + Add An Extra Layer Of Security So You Won't Be An Easy Target...


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FE - WP Stealth Site Unlimited

  • Hide That You're Using WordPress From "Spy" Sites
  • Advanced Settings To Hide WordPress Folders
  • Hide Your Login Pages
  • Point & Click Super Easy To Use
  • Unlimited Support

OTO1 - WP Stealth Site Developer

  • Install On Sites You Build For Clients:
  • Your existing clients will thank you for enhancing the security to their site. If you're looking to get new clients and website projects, imagine if it comes down to you or someone else getting the job of building their website. Now you can tell them your bid also includes extra security. This gives you an advantage.
  • Include WP Stealth Site With Sites You Flip:
  • Flipping websites on sites like Flippa can be extremely profitable. You can include WP Stealth Site with sites you flip meaning they will still have access to the plugin and don't need to purchase a license of their own. Plus, when you list your website, you can mention that there's enhanced security present to make more money.
  • Make Money By Offering Installation As A Standalone Service:
  • Some people are going to make a lot of money with this plugin. Offer plugin installation service on sites like Fiverr, forums, or any other freelancing site. Everyone wants an extra layer of security on their sites.
  • Priority Developer Support:
  • Don't worry. If you install the plugin on a clients site and something goes wrong, you are given priority support and we will move you to the head of the line and get it resolved quickly. (99.9% of the time you won't need to take us up on this, but if you do, we are there in a hurry).

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