Download Software WP Gener8tor

  • GB Name : WP Gener8tor + OTOs
  • Version : Last
  • OS : Anything
  • Type : Lead Generator Plugin

WP Gener8tor gives your customers an easy way for them to have a direct contact link to their curtomers using wordpress. It uses multiple platforms for contact i:e Facebook, Skype & Whatsapp to name a few.

Your customers can choose which platform they wish to be contacted on easily .


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FE - WP Gener8tor Unlimited Site

  • Connect with any potential customer instantly.
  • Use multiple platforms to build your list
  • Gives customer several ways to connect with you leading to higher conversions.
  • Generates huge percentage of leads opting in with the lethal combination of stealth technology and customer psychology.
  • Instantly build rapport with new customers
  • Very simple for any new customer to use
  • Connect with your customer on every platform they are on, including Whatsapp, Telegram, Skype, Messenger, and more
  • Breaks the ice with potential customers which means more sales.
  • Bring fresh responsive leads to your business everyday and sell to them again and again.
  • Tap into the most powerful lead source on the web - your brand/website. Watch fresh leads coming to you every day.
  • Using a well known and proven psychological trick reduces resistance and gives you a way to grab that lead without all the usual hassles.
  • Automatic welcome message helps you engage the customer and deliver your bonuses or offer instantly.
  • Working for you 365, 24/7, this software nevers sleeps so you can keep collecting leads all day everyday.

OTO1 - WP Gener8tor PRO

  • Automatic Notifications

OTO2 - WP Gener8tor Developer

  • Tell your clients you can multiply their traffic.
  • Install the plugin on their site, charge for the product, and also charge a setup fee.
  • Charge them a one-time fee, or charge them month-after- profitable-month
  • You keep all of the sales. You deal directly with your client. We don’t get anything at all.

OTO3 - WP Gener8tor Agency 

  • Sell WP Gener8tor Accounts. Keep ALL THE REWARDS

OTO4 - Traffic Seeder

  • ​Viral Reach Pro
  • ​Tweet Push Pro

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