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  • GB Name : WP Affiliate Guard + OTOs
  • Version : Last
  • OS : Anything
  • Type : Auto Redirect Traffic Plugin , Content Protect Plugin

About The Product: This is a WordPress plugin that every affiliate marketer needs to have in their arsenal. Vendors and networks pull down offers all the time. The last thing you want is to send traffic to a "dead" offer.

Our plugin solves this problem by automatically redirecting traffic if an offer no longer exists. That means instead of wasting a click, you can redirect that person to a squeeze page, landing page, your site, a different offer, anywhere you want.

WP Affiliate Guard is slick and the best part, it's super easy to use. All anyone has to do is copy and paste.


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FE - WP Affiliate Guard Unlimited

  • Automatic Affiliate Link Protection Prevents Wasting Traffic On "Dead" Offers...
  • Works With Any Affiliate Network
  • Use The Plugin With Or Without A Standard Link Cloaker
  • Copy & Paste Your Affiliate Guard Link Anywhere
  • Advanced Link Monitoring Technology
  • Protect Your Links In Under 1 Minute

OTO1 - WP Affiliate Guard Developer Pro Edition

  • Developer Pro Edition
  • Email Notifications If A Link Gets Redirected
  • Click Tracking

OTO2 - WP Content Guard Unlimited

  • Built-In Advanced Hotlink Protection : Prevent thieves from linking directly to your images and files from their own sites, on forums, and even in emails. This prevents direct illegal piracy of your content and prevents hosting account closures due to excessive bandwidth usage.
  • Automatic Right-Click Blocking : Right now, anyone can view the source code of your pages or easily copy the direct links to your files and images by simply right-clicking. When this feature is enabled, visitors will no longer be able to right-click on any part of your site.
  • Automatic Copy & Paste Blocking : You see this done all the time and it can jeopardize your search engine rankings. There are site owners out there that will simply copy & paste your content and post it on their sites. When this feature is enabled, no one will be able to copy and paste any part of your content.
  • The Super Easy To Use All-In-One Solution : It doesn't get any easier. Check a few boxes and click save changes. Even if you have no experience when it comes to WordPress and hate techie stuff, you can use this plugin. We designed it with the end user in mind. There's no complicated setup or a ton of configuration options you have to sift through in order to get started.

OTO3 - WP Content Guard Developer Pro Edition

  • WP Content Guard Developer Pro Edition
  • Unlock A Traffic Getting Feature
  • Developer Rights

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