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WordPress Scraper-Commenter is aimed to be your all-in-one wordpress comment posting solution.

  • Easy to use
  • Allows multithreading.
  • Can scrap wordpress blogs from Google and Google local.
  • Can scrap wordpress blogs for Bing and Yahoo.
  • Scraper can have custom footprint (so can be used to scrap other things as well)
  • WordPress comment poster.
  • WordPress comment approval tester.
New in this version:
  • V0.2b: Yahoo and bing scraping was added, along with custom footprint in the scraper and a live report
  • V0.2.1b: Important bug fix that reported comments treated as spam as autoapproved. The fake email list file is no longer included as fake emails cause your comemnts to be treated as spam in a lot of blogs (especially
  • V0.2.2b: Fixed a small bug of the Bing and Yahoo scraper
  • V0.3b: Google changed a way in they way they reported their results and so the previous scraper was not working. This is now fixed!
Upcoming features:
  • Will add search in the scraper
  • Pinging tool
  • Do-follow and PR checker utilities are also considered
How to use:
  • Copy or import list of keywords
  • Select search engine to use
  • Set custom wordpress footprint if you want
  • Set proxies through the proxies tab (Strongly suggested for the scraper)
  • Click “Start Scraping” (button changes to “Stop Scraping” which can be used to stop the scraper)
  • When the scraper is finished the nutton “Stop Scraping” will be reverter back to “Start Scraping” then you can copy the scraped urls or click save to save them to a text file
Comment Poster
  • You will need to load up text files with the list of blogs to post to (the one you saved through the scraper), a websites file (a file with the websites you want to get the backlinks listed in one line per website), a names files (a sample name file is included), a comments file (a sample comments file is also included) and an emails file (a samples email file is also included)
  • Select the number of threads
  • Set proxies through the Proxies tab if you want to
  • Click Star Posting (button changes to “Stop Posting” which can be used to stop the poster)
  • When the scraper is finished the nutton “Stop Posting” will be reverter back to “Start Posting” then you can save the auto-approved urls in a text file (to ping them) with the “Auto-approved” button and save the remaining succesfully submitted urls with the “Approval list save” button (this file can be used to check the urls for approval with the “Check for approval utility”)
Check for approval
  • Load up the txt file with the urls you want to test (saved through the “Approval list save” button)
  • Click the “Start” button(button changes to “Stop” which can be used to stop the checker)
  • The “Save Approved” button can be used to save the approved posts (for pinging) and the “Save non-Approved” can be used to save the non-approved post to be checked with the “Check for approval utility” at a later date

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