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  • GB Name : Website Profit Monster + OTOs
  • Version :Last
  • OS :Anything
  • Type : Web Design Startup Business

Website Profit Monster is a comprehensive training program on how to establish a profit-pulling website with the least cost possible while still containing all the necessary elements of a profit-pulling site. Within this course, you will be able to gain access to the entire blueprint and the similar case studies that the trainer has applied to achieve the same business goals as presented in the case studies..


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  • WPM theme
  • -High-converting and professional designs
  • -Friendly to SEO strategies
  • -Provide developer license
  • Initial Setup
  • -An overview of the system
  • -Purchasing hosting and domains
  • -Setting up WordPress themes
  • Website Setup
  • -Major settings
  • -Make use of demo contents
  • -How to use contact forms and color schemes
  • -Integrate with social media channels
  • Building Your Website
  • -Provide a massive collection of image and content sources
  • -Generate stunning pages for websites
  • Attracting Customers
  • -Scaling up your business
  • -Appropriate niches to target
  • -Looking for leads in both online and offline markets
  • -Starting Small To Grow Big
  • Selling Clients
  • -How to apply the discount approach, the group discount approach, the free approach and the liquidation approach
  • 7 Trust Builder Emails : Use these to build credibility with your prospects or as content for your marketing and sales materials.
  • 6 Marketing Hot Sheets :
  • -Educate Your Prospects AND Position Yourself as an Authority
  • -Ready to use or editable to meet your specific needs...
  • -Can be used as blog posts, emails, social media, lead magnets, reports and even print!
  • Pricing Matrix : From our proprietary business forms, The Pricing Matrix Power Tool Gives us MAXIMUM Profit out of our website deals.
  • Prospecting Email : HIGH CONVERTING email template. Add your information and use as is or use them as sales emails to help you close clients FAST!
  • Our Client Intake Form : Most consultants are endlessly frustrated by clients. This form allows to avoid miscommunication and gives you EVERYTHING to make sure your projects run smoothly!
  • DFY Website Proposal/Service Agreement : This is our formal 'in house' client proposal and agreement. Specifically tested to close more deals. We use this as our bible to build a "Must Have" offer that clients cant turn down.
  • Informal Website Proposal That Makes Us So Much Money : Most small business today are sick of slick marketing salesmen. Follow Our 'Keep It Informal' Proposal Track to easier sales and less resistance.
  • 2 Lead Magnets :
  • -Things to Consider BEFORE Hiring A Web Designer. This report does the selling for you!
  • - Mobile Website Designers - Tons of local businesses do not have a mobile friendly website. This report will attract these clients like bees to honey
  • FITD Service Overview
  • - What makes a good FITD service
  • - What's the goal of a FITD service
  • - What makes a good FITD service
  • - Building Client Relationships
  • Prospecting with your FITD Service
  • - Imitation Method
  • - Prospecting with email
  • - Prospecting with direct mail
  • Following Up Like a Pro
  • - How often to follow up
  • - When to cut your losses
  • - What to follow up on
  • Developing a FITD Service That Gets Results
  • - Your secret weapon
  • - Validating your FITD service
  • - Outsourcing your FITD service
  • - Sneaking In Other FITD services
  • How to Price Your FITD Service
  • - What Do You Charge?
  • - How to price for competitiveness
  • - Advanced pricing strategies

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