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  • Name : Viking Sunfrog Tool
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  • OS : Windows
  • Type : Sunfrog Marketing Software

What are sunfrogshirts? You have probably heard someone say something like "make money with sun", "make sun shirt", "make money Sunfrog" ... then Sun or Sunfrog here is Sunfrogshirts.

This is a platform (fixed website) for selling t-shirts, where you can download your own designs (or you can rent them), then promote your shirt.

This (mainly with Facebook ads) when someone buys a shirt through your link, you will receive a certain percentage of commission (35 - 45%).

Although it is a US company, but you can sell in over 200 different countries around the world, Sunfrog will deliver to the buyer through international shipping service.

It's almost like Teespring, but Sunfrog has a different point: you can go to another designer's outfit (unlike Teespring, you have to sell your own designer clothes and ups). If the shirt is sold designer will also be 5.5% commission


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  • Keyword Search: With just one keyword, you can search out millions of related products sold on Sunfrog. Product information, product prices, seller information, product images ... are extracted to HTML or Excel file for easy analysis of the product.
  • Tool analyzes keywords and sorts the index of products on Sunfrog
  • Keyword Creation Tool: Instantly generate thousands of targeted keywords in just a few seconds, helping you choose the best keywords.
  • Download Sunfrog Products: You can easily download images and product information on Sunfrog easily.
  • Best Sellers: You can see which products are being sold on Sunfrog who deliver those products through the software's analytical indexes.

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