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  • GB Name : Video Backdrops Pro + OTOs
  • Version :Last
  • OS :Anything
  • Type : Spokesperson & Green Screen Videos

We've seen a bunch of video apps come out this year that come with ready made spokesperson video commercials for different niches. Those spokesperson apps are great, but they do have a slight problem...

Most of these spokesperson apps have a limited library of backgrounds to go behind the spokespersons. Their default backgrounds are usually a plain color or generic "abstract" background.

Video Backdrops Pro solves this problem, and takes spokesperson videos to another level...


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FE - Video Backdrops Pro

  • 200 Spokesperson video backdrops + 100's more backdrops in different styles
  • Instantly improve your videos with 1 simple tweak.
  • Get 100’s of premium HD backdrops for price of 1.
  • Backdrops for spokesperson videos PLUS all other video types: explainer, VSL, sales video, etc..

OTO1 - Developer Mega Bundle

  • Double the content + Developer License to everything

OTO2 - Video Assets Vault

  • 1000 Stock

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