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  • GB Name : Ucard Platinum + Software
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  • OS :Anything
  • Type : Offline Marketing Course

Give away FREE ADVERSING on top publishers* to ANY BUSINESS* and get 4.5% on every IN-STORE SALE generated by that advertising FOR LIFE

Online to offline attribution is a 1 trillion $ problem no-one has cracked. When offline businesses market online, they can't attribute the marketing efforts to actual purchases creating a mistrust, and disbelief in online marketing services.

With uCard we are finally closing that loop using a unique technology (Cardlinx), that connects consumers’ credit-cards to online offers (Card Linked Offers) finally unleashing the BIGGEST, NEVER BEFORE POSSIBLE


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  • Empyr Pay Per Revenue Offer and System…($100,000 Value) + For the first 100 - Year #2 price $197/mo only $67/mo
  • Billing & fulfilment done for you – ZERO overhead (Unlimited Value)
  • Exclusive Training to Close Deals Fast ($1997 value)
  • Prospecting & Sales Tactics
  • Top Sellers Live Sales Recording (use to outsource your selling!) ($5,000 Value)
  • Trial and tested Pitch Deck + Cheat Sheet + 1 page Flyr
  • Winning Call Recording of merchants being CLOSED LIVE!
  • Bonus Going After Franchise Owner – One Shot big payout day
  • Empyr/Umbrella Certification (Unlimited Value)
  • Bonus $100/mo Revenue Guarantee until March 2018 For Gold Standard Restaurants ($10,000 Value)

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