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  • Type : Youtube SEO Course

Stealth Commissions is a step-by-step training course which shows you how to boost videos on YouTube. The lessons come in both video and PDF forms. Inside the package, Ben will show you how to build his YouTube channels from zero as well as how to drive traffic and sales automatically.


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  • Stealth Commissions consists of 8 modules covering almost all aspects you need to know to boost your video ranking. Basically, the product focuses on:
  • – Long-tail keywords
  • – Customize your YouTube channel
  • – Activate your channel
  • – On-page SEO
  • – Off-page SEO
  • – Intros and outros
  • – Create your first videos
  • – Find long-tail
  • Module 1: Long-tail keywords
  • – This module reveals a tool that Ben has been using to search for long-tail keywords. It also includes some basic concepts of SEO to help you understand the core of the lesson.
  • Module 2: Activate your channel
  • – Basically, you will learn how to activate the channel, how to name your channel as well as studio tabs you should know.
  • Module 3: Customize the channel
  • – Customize the channel
  • – Add social links to engage better with the audiences
  • – Optimize the keyword to drive more traffic from Google and YouTube
  • – Create new trailers for new visitors
  • – Custom channel URL as well as thumbnails
  • Module 4: Find Long-tail
  • – How to dig for long-tail
  • – Comprise the keyword lists
  • – How to spy on your competitor
  • – How to win the competition
  • Module 5: Create the first video
  • – Grab the target keyword, create and upload videos
  • – How to record your videos
  • – Software to create videos
  • – Video scripts
  • Module 6: Intros and Outros
  • – A good intro allows you to grab people’s attention and an outro encourages them to take actions such as subscribing, liking, or clicking.
  • Module 7: On-page SEO
  • – This module includes 4 different parts:
  • – The basis of on-page SEO
  • – Tags, description, and playlists
  • – How to create a custom thumbnail
  • – Rename the captions
  • Module 8: Off-page SEO
  • – In this module, you will learn some tips and trick to get your videos rank:
  • – Use external links from the authority sites
  • – Improve the loading speed of your websites
  • – Make your content shareable
  • – Engage with the audiences
  • – How to get videos rank faster
  • – Indexing and pinging
  • – And so much more!
  • A secret list of keywords Ben has already researched and previously ranked for, which are proven to get traffic and make money.
  • Guaranteed approval to promote all 5 of his JVZOO products which have generated a total of $222,945.38 in commissions for JV partners.
  • Instant commissions on all 5 of the offers which come with guaranteed approval.
  • A selection of bonuses created and designed by him which you can give away as an incentive to get people to buy through them.
  • 30 days of email screenshot consultancy.He will answer one question per day via email and help you with any challenges in your business.
  • A top secret method he’s personally using to rank on the 1st pages of Google quickly, for keywords that actually make money. This method compliments the front end offer by giving people’s video rankings a boost on YouTube as well.
  • Over the shoulder case study guide of him using the method to rank on Google. You will get to see exactly how he does it, including the keywords he uses and where he sends people once they find his content.
  • Video Headline Debrief: Bonus video where he shares how to come up with video titles which grab people’s attention and compel them to click, watch and buy.

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