Download Software Social Synd Alpha 1.3.10

  • Name : Social Synd Alpha
  • Version : 1.3.10
  • OS : Windows
  • Type : IFTT Tools

“Easy Drag & Drop Wizard Technology To Create Your Own IFTTT Tiered Linking Sequences, Interlinking Rings & Syndicate Your Content on 100% Autopilot!..”
With Revolutionary New Software That Unleashes The Power Of IFTTT For SEO & Social Traffic Like Never Before!



– One Click Account Creation
The account creator will automate the creation of IFTTT accounts and many of the sites within the IFTTT platform that we can work with and attach these to IFTTT without ever leaving the software

– High Success Rate
We have implemented features to improve success rate of account creation with the integration of captcha solving services and our own email servers for fast email creation and verification.

– Pre Made Sequences
WE realize that not everyone wants to create their own advanced syndication sequences, do have included 6 pre made syndication strategies which you can create for your own IFTTT accounts with one click.

– Super Fast Speed
With one click you can bulk create IFTTT accounts & profiles. After you have designed your sequences you can create them in the tool with one click again without logging into IFTTT
– Profile & Bio Info Auto Filled
Profile and Bio info automated for you with author avatars and you can add links within the profile too using short urls. Short urls created are done with 301 redirects using our traffic redirect tool so that you can change the destination URL anytime you choose.
– On Site Optimization
Some sites like blogger for example can have sidebars we can use to add hyperlinks to other accounts with each profile which creates additional interlinking. This is an optional choice along with random templates being selected automatically for you.

– YouTube, Facebook & Daily Motion Video Posting
We have added the basc version of the Video Synd Alpha poster for easy uploading to YouTube, Facebook & Daily Motion which can be used as triggers for your syndication sequences additional tiered linking.

– Social Traffic Strategies

Social Synd Alpha can also be used for social traffic strategies for branded accounts. It can replicate what tools like onlywire can do on autopilot with just a few clicks and take advantage of high traffic social platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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