Download Software SeRocket Link Lists 2019

  • GB Name : SeRocket Link Lists 2019-2020
  • Version :Last
  • OS : Windows
  • Type : GSA SER List

Stop Wasting Time and Money on Link Lists that are Burned after 2 Days
Get the Most from Your SEO Tools with SeRocket Link Lists
Instant Access to Fresh Link Lists Updated Daily...
Lists that are ready to be imported into your favorite SEO tools to boost your rankings.


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List Statics

  • Daily Updates
  • GSA SER Auto Sync
  • EDU / GOV Lists
  • 100% of Contextual Links
  • 100% of Non-contextual Links
  • Fresh Daily Updates : Forget overpriced link lists that become burned after just a few days. Get fresh and clean daily updated link list.
  • Contextual and Non-contextual Link Lists : You can use only non-contextual platform link lists for churn and burn projects, or choose only contextual for first layer campaigns.
  • Synced Directly to your GSA : Members of Premium plan are getting all new results synced in real time directly to the GSA using Search Engine feature.
  • Dedicated Support Team : SeRocket is a team of experienced SEOs and coders. We are here to help you and develop this service to meet your needs.
  • 4 Types of Syncing into GSA : Beside regular syncing into GSA, we have invented 3 new type of lists sync options for advanced users. (Available in Premium plan.)
  • EDU & GOV Verified Link Lists : If your campaigns require EDU / GOV backlinks we have created special verified lists with only EDU and GOV platforms.
  • Links Sorted by Platforms : We sort all link list based on GSA platforms, so you can use only those that you need or import them in other SEO tools.
  • Results Without Duplicates : We dedupe all results - you get only unique link lists.
  • Ultra-Fast Custom Scrapper : Our custom-coded scraper is installed on a strong cloud server farm that works 24/7 building link lists for you.
  • Clean Verified and Identified Link Lists : Get the best success rate - to ensure high quality, we verify each platform and check page load times for every site.

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