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My Counterintuitive Digital Agency Approach That Generates 6 - 10 Clients On Autopilot Every Single Month

I spent years prospecting, doing sales calls, going to meetings, sending proposals... and still struggled to get clients..

I ended up going on 2-year journey to put both my client acquisition and service fulfillment on autopilot..

That's what this book will show you how to do.

The 2 Hour Agency is an eBook, but more importantly it is an approach to online business for the person that seeks freedom from a boss, the ability to live anywhere, and the choice to spend your time on things that you want.


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  • How To Pick A Profitable Agency Based On What People Are ALREADY Buying
  • How To Get Your First Clients
  • How To Create A Website That Can Convert A Visitor Into A Paying Client, NOT An Email Asking For A Meeting
  • How To Scale By Redirecting Traffic To Your Website
  • How To Remove Yourself Almost Entirely From The Business So That You Are The OWNER Instead Of The Salesman, Web Designer, Project Manager, And Support Representative.
  • Some Fun Stuff On Getting FREE Event Tickets, Business Class Flights, High-Level Press From Celebrities Like Gary Vaynerchuk And Lewis Howes

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