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  • GB Name : Mobile Traffic Academy 2019 + OTOs
  • Version :Last
  • OS :Anything
  • Type : Mobile Traffic Courses

Mobile Traffic Academy is a comprehensive training program that goes into detail about how to set up profitable mobile campaigns by sending ultra targeted and cheap traffic to high converting “1-Click” carrier billing offers and APP downloads.


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  • How to siphon traffic from the BIGGEST mobile cell networks in the world
  • Get guaranteed access to over 2,000 mobile billing offers and APP download that convert like crazy
  • Never have to worry about paying for expensive tracking software EVER again
  • How to build a successful mobile landing page with my secret conversion boosters in less than 5 minutes flat
  • How to get the RIGHT people in front of your offers with laser focussed targeting right down to country and city location your visitors are in
  • The single reason why 3G and LTE connections are way more profitable than WiFi connections
  • Discover which are the best countries to target for huge conversions and the biggest paydays
  • Send thousands of visitors to your offers every single day for as little as one tenth of a cent per click... ?0.001
  • Complete campaign setup and walkthrough with THREE of my most profitable mobile traffic sources
  • How to find the exact offers, affiliate networks, traffic sources and targeting that the top mobile marketers are using and literally copy their success
  • Blow the competition out of the water with these sneaky super affiliate strategies that work every single time
  • My recommended evergreen niches that are full of rabid buyers who are begging to send commissions straight into your CPA accounts
  • Become an instant authority and dominate ANY mobile your decide to enter
  • The step by step process for setting up profitable campaigns that literally anybody can do
  • Never have to worry about offers or traffic sources becoming saturated ever again
  • And much, much more...
  • 10 campaigns that are working right now
  • The exact offers to use
  • Laser focussed mobile targeting
  • High converting landing pages for FIVE campaigns
  • Copy. Paste. Optimize & Profit!
  • How to set up tracking like a pro and squeeze more ROI out of every single click
  • How to run "Set & Forget" campaigns that Auto-Optimize themselves and become profitable without lifting a finger
  • How to rip successful landing pages in less than 10 seconds flat, modify them and use them yourself
  • How to get paid for sending traffic to just one unique "SmartLink"
  • How set up tracking like a pro
  • And more...

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