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  • GB Name : Local Client Systems + OTOs
  • Version :Last
  • OS :Anything
  • Type : Local Marketing Course

The "Secret" product that will help you have well-documented battle-tested systems and blueprints to provide services and be up and running in no time flat.

This is brand new training and tools the customer will receive which will enable them to have all of our systems we use day in and day out in order to provide services to our local business clients.


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  • Every single system needed for a local marketer - documented in complete detail: This is good for you because now there's a single location to reference anytime, like having your very own library of blueprints.
  • Value: $1000.00
  • Checklists (including screenshots) that can easily be shared with a Virtual Assistant: This is important because it allows you to work on other things necessary to work ON your business and not IN it all the time.
  • Value: $1000.00
  • A lot of blood, sweat, and tears poured into it: This is big because it saves you from having to go through all of the same trials and errors.
  • Value: $1000.00
  • The same blueprints that brought both Jeanne and Sue years of success and longevity with clients: This a good thing because you too can benefit from their experiences and hopefully will have long-term clients too.
  • Value: $1000.00
  • Like having an Expert Coach take you by the hand and guide you with step-by-step and totally up-to-date proven systems: This is great because you can get all of this WITHOUT having to pay the high price of what it would cost you to have your very own Expert Coach.
  • Value: $5000.00
  • The Client Prospecting Video Training Series – Value: $197.00
  • This will help you find prospective clients to work with without all the normal growing pains. These are “NO Cold Calling” tips.
  • eBook - Press Release Stacking Formula – Value: $97.00
  • This will help you Learn How to REALLY Make Press Releases Work For You (things have changed recently)
  • Private Q & A Webinar - Sept. 18 – Value: $97.00
  • This will give you an opportunity to get all your questions answered. You'll have our undivided attention for as long as it takes!
  • Private Facebook Group - so we can stay in touch, answer questions, and learn from each other! - PRICELESS!!

  • Free Services
  • Education
  • Direct Marketing
  • Networking
  • Niche Marketing
  • Sample Proposals
  • Outsourcing Strategies
  • Press Releases

  • Backlinks
  • GMB Ranking
  • Automation
  • Reputation Management

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