Download Software Local Business Bots 2019 Platinum

  • GB Name : Local Business Bots 2019 Platinum
  • Version :Last
  • OS :Anything
  • Type : Local Business Course

Get Inside and Learn how to grow any local business' sales using the power of Facebook Messenger Bots (using 5 very special bot campaigns).


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  • My State of the Art 2018 Revamped System that we use to Build Automated Messenger Bots that Sell Products and Services for Local Businesses.
  • Part 1: How to Find the Perfect "Bot Friendly" Clients.
  • Part 2:How to Break the Ice with Potential Clients so you can sell them your Bot Service.
  • Part 3: How to Get and Rock Your Bot Sales Meeting (the Purple Elephant in the Room Script)
  • Part 4: Full Behind the Scenes access to my 3 Special Bot Recipes (Content, Charity, JDO)
  • Part 5: Exactly how to Charge 500-1500/month (and keep getting paid)
  • [Advanced Only] How to Get Bot Clients from a Distance.
  • [Advanced Only] My "Event Horizon" Bot Funnel
  • [Advanced Only] 4 DFY Bot Campaigns (Chiropractic, Dental, Restaurant, and Real Estate) (ads and bot setup)
  • [Advanced Only] Bonus Session: Interview with a Bot Jedi (Drew Griffin)

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