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  • GB Name : Lead Caster + OTOs
  • Version :Last
  • OS :Anything
  • Type : Lead Sales System

Lead Caster is a strategy and set of scripts to use voice broadcasting. You’ll get outgoing scripts to sell various marketing services!


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  • Agency Income Blueprint – This video will breakdown exactly what you need to achieve your income goals in your local marketing agency! Learn all the important metrics you need to measure for effective prospecting! – $99 Value
  • Lead Caster Offer Strategy – This is a detailed explanation of the exact way you need to structure your marketing services to not only close as many new clients as possible, but also build a consistent recurring income with less stress! – $49 Value
  • Voice Broadcast Structure – This video will break down the exact formula you need to create a voice broadcast message that will actually get responded to. Not only do we want to give you proven scripts, we want to teach you how to write your own. You’ll learn how in this video! – $99 Value
  • The “Stealth” Broadcast – Most marketers that have tried voice broadcast as a prospecting method have failed miserably. This video explains the “stealth” broadcast technique and why it absolutely crushes at getting business owners to CALL YOU back. This method alone is how we are able to generate HUNDREDS of inbound leads for our agency! – $199 Value
  • Lead Caster Action Guide – This two-part action guide will go more in depth on the stealth broadcast method. In part two of the guide, you’ll learn in detail how to get a local business to REQUEST a call back from you. Using this system, you will generate more call backs than you can likely handle. So it’s important to set things up the right way to handle the volume of inbound leads you generate! – $49 Value
  • Lead Caster Prospecting Sequence – Using voice broadcasts is one marketing channel to reach potential prospects through. That said, it would be silly to not recognize there are others. When combined, you have a lethal prospecting system that will create an overflow of inbound leads. This system makes 15 contact attempts in 21 days. The money is most certainly in the follow up. – $99 Value

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