Download Software Insta Demon 1.0.37

  • Name :Insta Demon
  • Version : 1.0.37
  • OS : Windows
  • Type : Instagram Marketing Bot

Using Insta Demon, you will be able to grow your Intagram audience quickly, easily, and automatically. Insta Demon allows you to mange and set up tasks easily and fast. This is done with just a few clicks. Instagram bot will help you save time by handling the whole process such as following users, unfollowing users, posting comments, upload, liking, and adding text. By doing so, you can spread your ads throughout the day and get good exposure on Instagram. Start to grow your profits without putting much effort with Insta Demon today! All are done automatically and systematically.



  • Upload Photos module. This modules lets you upload photos from your photos folder to your instagram accounts.
  • Edit Profiles module. This modules let your edit profiles for your instagram accounts.
  • Follow/Unfollow module. This module lets you add or remove friends from your Instagram accounts with the push of a button!
  • Image Commenter module. This module lets you automate image commenting for each account. This means you can automatically leave comments on multiple images, building your activity and getting your message out faster than ever before!
  • Image Liker module. This module is a simple way for your accounts to “like” multiple images. When combined with the Image Commenter module we talked about before, the results are truly amazing.
  • Account Scraper module. This powerful module allows you to scrape and find new friends or users, and it even lets you search based on username, tags, or keywords.
  • Account Statistics module. This module comes in handy for people who have more than one Instagram account. You can check all of your accounts with the push of a button to create a report that shows you exactly how many followers, comments, likes, etc. each account has. It will even tell you which accounts have been suspended or deleted, and lets you automatically remove those bad accounts.

Insta Demon 1.0.37
Insta Demon 1.0.37

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