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FB Ad Hawk Makes Selling With Facebook Ads SIMPLE and Less Cost Effective
Facebook has been identified as one of the platforms where ads get wide viewership .With the number of Facebook users increasing day by day the platform is an ideal place where advertisers can reach their customers.

For the advertisers to achieve maximum benefits with their ads there is a need to have a tool which will help them manage their campaign. FB Ad Hawk is one of the tools which effectively allow the advertisers to carry out this task.

FB Ad Hawk is an application that displays all the ad data on one table, the information included in this table include; CTR, the average price, the amount of money that has been spent in the course of running the ad and any other information which is related to the ad display.


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With FB Ad Hawk, the user can access data anywhere, through SMS or email notification. When the threshold which is set has been reached, the information will be sent direct to the user.

Ad Hawk also has a feature that alerts you when the set threshold is reached; this means that when the ads reach user defined level, a sound will be played.

The ad will also automatically pause when the threshold is reached; this not only reduces the cost which is paid to run the ad but also ensures that one does not go beyond the set ad budget. Through such a feature it is easy to control the ad budget and overall cost that is set for the promotion of products.

With this app it is easy to manage the ads; you will be able to get a comprehensive analysis of the ads performance. It will be possible to establish which ads are performing well as well as those whose performance is dismal. With such information, the decision making process will be at informed position. If the ad is not performing to your expectation, with the available information a decision can be made quickly to optimize your campaign for a particular Ad
FB Ad Hawk 1.0

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