Download Software Facebook Raider (Bot + Realtor + Local + Restaurant + Video)

  • GB Name : Facebook Raider (Bot + Realtor + Local + Restaurant + Video)
  • Version :Last
  • OS :Anything
  • Type : Facebook Marketing Course

Facebook Realtor Raider is a complete Facebook marketing business in a box, allowing consultants to earn $500... $2,000... Even as much as $5,000 each and every month offering this service to realtors.

Take a look at what you are getting in this Facebook marketing business in a box:

First, you're getting my famous 'Raider' checklists that breaks down this entire business into easy to follow, step by step instructions.


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  • Real estate prospecting checklist ($47 vlue)
  • Real estate Facebook listing checklist ($47 value)
  • Facebook lead generation checklist ($47 value)
  • BONUS lead management checklist ($47 value)
  • BONUS mortgage calculator software ($37 value)
  • White label CRM access ($27 value)
  • SEO reseller access ($27 value)
  • Walkthrough ebook guide ($27 value)
  • FSBO video super bonus ($197 value)
  • Real estate theme super bonus ($97 value)
  • Full Facebook account creation and optimization.
  • 14 high-quality graphics for your client each and every month.
  • 8 high-quality curated articles every month for your client's page.
  • 24-hour response to any messages sent to your client's Facebook.
  • Monthly report outlining EVERYTHIING going on their Facebook page.
  • The Facebook Restaurant Raider Checklists ( $97 value)
  • Full walk through training videos ( $47 value)
  • Bonus outsourcing modules ( $97 value)
  • Bonus advanced management modules ( $97 value)
  • The Super Bonus restaurant WordPress theme ( $97 value)
  • The Super Bonus Agency WordPress theme ( $97 value)
  • The 3-step formula for picking the right niche and area to target
  • Free and paid lead sources to find business owners who are already spending money on Facebook ads
  • Sources of direct contact information for business owners and decision makers
  • Full email sales scripts from the first contact all the way to booking the sale and getting paid
  • List of responses and rebuttals for every objection you may get from biz owners
  • How to build a bot consulting business in your spare time with little to no money out of pocket - You can create and run this business discreetly in your spare time... NO one has to know you are building your business until those first checks arrive (that includes a spouse or your current employer)
  • Profitable bot creation formula - Simple formula for creating bots that generate a positive return on your client's investment. Stick to this system every time you try out a new bot idea to ensure your clients will be more than happy to pay $2,000 per month or more and still see a positive return on their investment. THIS is the real secret to keeping clients happy for the long term without having to continually re-sell your value.
  • How to quickly duplicate our most profitable bots - These bots are currently earning $2,000 per month or more when sold to local businesses. Eliminate the guesswork and start your consulting business with bots that are proven sellers, and deliver on your promise every time.
  • Here are just some of the bots you'll learn how to develop:
  • Reservation bot for local restaurants - This bot takes reservations online, lets the customer manage and change their reservations as needed, and sends them a reminder to ensure no reservations go unfulfilled. You can connect this bot to any system the restaurant is currently using like Open Table, or let it work on its own saving the restaurant from having to pay any fees to another service. The BIGGEST selling point is that every time a customer makes a reservation, they are added to the restaurant's messenger list. This list has an 80% open rate every time the restaurant owner wants to send out a promotion. They will fill their reservations on every holiday or local event they put on by merely messaging this list.
  • Delivery order bot for restaurants - This bot will enable restaurants to take delivery orders right through Facebook messenger. Customers can order directly from the client's menu, and process their payment all online through messenger. This not only saves the business owner time from having to take orders over the phone (as well as inevitable order mistakes), it can double their delivery orders by making it easier for customers.
  • Birthday promotion bot that automates customer birthday promotions - Add this feature to every bot you make to automatically record the customer's birthday and send out a coupon offer when it comes. This keeps customers coming back... More importantly, it builds your client's relationship with their customers (Small gestures like a personalized birthday coupon is the real secret to creating customers for life)
  • Holiday coupon bots to drive business every holiday - Many businesses (especially restaurants) generate the majority of their revenue over holidays. This bot will send the client's promotion to their list over messenger and handle any sales, appointments, or reservations that come as a result. (Clients have seen a 20-30% response with this bot, compared to an average 4% response with an email newsletter)
  • Appointment setting bot for doctors... lawyers... financial planners... or any office professional that lives and dies by the number of appointments they set - Secretaries are expensive, can't work 24/7, and miss out on appointments because they can only answer one phone call at a time. This bot has allowed my clients to eliminate the need for a secretary while boosting the number of appointments they land. At $2,000 per month, this bot pays for itself many times over, flooding clients with more appointments than they can handle.
  • Appointment reminder bot that saves appointments - There is nothing more frustrating to a local business than customers who miss their appointments. Having a bot that follows up with reminders saves the owner time, money, and the frustration of having holes in their busy schedule (plus it saves them from having to have a secretary to do this manually).
  • Home remodeling quote bot - contractors, roofers, and all construction companies need qualified leads coming, and this bot delivers. The bot sells your clients fees by building a custom quote, and pre-qualifies each prospect that chats with the bot so only the most qualified ready-to-buy leads reach your client saving them the time of having to talk to tire kickers on the phone.
  • Buyer's guide bot that generates e-commerce sales - Generate e-commerce sales for your own Shopify store OR help local mom and pop stores sell online using bots to do the selling for them (this can double the size of a local store by opening their business to customers all over the globe. Bots + Shopify is a powerful combination, and these bots integrate with Shopify seamlessly.)
  • Outsourcing Rolodex and guide to have bots created and managed for pennies - You can take a portion the monthly fees you collect from clients and pay these outsourcing companies to do all the setup and management work for you. Having a cheap but reliable workforce will enable you to build your bot consulting business to any size and income level you desire. These workers specialize in bot development and can customize each bot to meet client demands, allowing you to charge far more fees for custom bot development.
  • Bot pricing model that earns you top dollar while keeping the service affordable for clients - NEVER again haggle for your fees or sell yourself short using my sweet spot pricing formula. This formula is WIN/WIN - You collect top dollar for your service, while the client sees a healthy return on their investment. No guesswork, just apply it with the confidence that you are charging the optimal pricing for your market.
  • Full walkthrough on setting up demo bots that sell clients for you - As you can already see, messenger bots are the ultimate sales tool. Use my demo bot strategy to close 1 in 5 biz owners you send it too, eliminating the need for cold calling or hard sales tactics. The bot sells itself by demonstrating its value to the client, handles rejections through the chat interface, closes the deal, AND handles payment set up. This is hands down the most automated way to book consulting clients right now.
  • The secret to 80% open rates with every message - The response from marketing over messenger is beating the pants off of Email. You'll learn the simple formula we use to maintain 80% open rates on our marketing messages, as well as 13-20% click rates. Drive floods of traffic to your clients offers on demand using our messenger sales formula.
  • Guarantee your bots comply with Facebook's rules so you never get an account banned - Avoid the embarrassment of getting your account (or worse... a client's account) BANNED from facebook messenger because you missed out on a small condition that could have been avoided. This section is worth the price of the entire package. Use this mini-checklist with every bot you create to keep you and your client safe.
  • Bot ad copy that generates customers - Copywriting guide for bots - Facebook messenger is a 2-way conversation and requires a different approach than email. You'll learn the do's and don'ts when writing sales copy for messenger, keeping a conversational style while generating sales and visits to your client's location.
  • How to land bot subscribers for under $1 with Facebook ads - Messenger bots allow you to build a list of subscribers to receive marketing messages with an 80% open rate. Subscribers are added to the list in a single click, unlike email autoresponder that requires forms, confirmation emails, and spam notices. One-click subscriptions make them cheap to acquire with Facebook ads (Client's have been getting subscribers for under $1 per sub.)
  • How to steal bots from competitors - The best bot ideas are the ones you see working for other businesses. You'll learn how to duplicate any bot you find a company using on Facebook and sell it to other companies who would benefit from it. (The best way to know something works, is it to see it working for someone else.)
  • The 'client daycare' outsourcing company I use to manage my clients - Earn even more money each month from your clients by offering other services they need... SEO, Facebook ad management, Google Places listing management, reputation management... You'll learn about the outsourcing company I use to do all the servicing of my clients. This company is like a client daycare center - you drop off your client, pay them a small percentage of the fees you collect and let them do all the work. YOU could charge $5,000... $7,000... Even $10,000 a month to local businesses to handle all aspects of their online marketing and pay this company to do the work for you.
  • How to get 3 referrals from every client by offering a small discount - Imagine running your business strictly on referral because every client you land sends you 3 new clients to work with. This is the dream of every consultant, yet few implement a reliable system to incentivize their clients giving them referrals. Don't leave it to chance... Use my 'discount referral' method to grow your business exponentially and never have to cold approach new clients again.

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