Download Software Facebook Data Scraper 1.47

  • Name : Facebook Data Scraper
  • Version : 1.47
  • OS : Windows
  • Type : Facebook Lead Extractor

Facebook Data Scraper is a Facebook custom audience creation tool. It will helps you to find potential customers from Facebook, who were interested in the type of product or service that you are providing. This will increase the conversion rates for your Facebook Ads. Also it helps you to reduce cost by focusing potential customers.

Facebook Data Scraper extracts user’s Facebook user id and Facebook email and lets you to export it as either cvs to text file. That you can import to create custom audience while creating your Facebook Add.


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  • Graph Search : Facebook Data Scraper supports Facebook Graph Search. You can execute Facebook Graph Search query on Facebook Data Scraper and you can export User ID, Email, Page User Name, Page ID, Event ID and Group ID. Generic placeholder image
  • Page Fans : You can extract Facebook Page fans so easily. Facebook Data Scraper allows you to export peoples who likes your page, peoples who are commenting on recent posts in your page and also peoples who liked recent posts in your page. Generic placeholder image
  • Group Members : You can search for Facebook Groups and Export members in Facebook Groups. Also you can import Facebook group Ids to extract members. You can include multiple groups for extraction members. Generic placeholder image
  • Event Attending : Facebook Data Scraper can scrap peoples who are going for an event. You can export these users Facebook User ID and Facebook Email as in all others exports. Generic placeholder image
  • Post Audience : Facebook Data Scraper allows you to export Facebook post audience's user id and Facebook email. You can export details of peoples who liked the post and users commented of it. Generic placeholder image
  • Auto Invite : Auto invite feature lets you to automatically invite your all or selected friends to like your Facebook Page. You can also invite your friends to other pages that you are not admin.

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