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  • Type : Domain Course

The 3 Different Methods You Can Use Today To Snipe $12 Domain Names And Then Flip For Hundreds Or Even More!

The course shows how to Snipe (digital) Assets for Profit.

There are 3 different methods that show how to snipe $12 domain names and then flip them fast for great profits.

You can literally buy a $12 domain TODAY and flip it fast for $100, $200 or even thousands.

Use just one method on it’s own or all 3 of them to really maximize your profits.


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  • Method #1 – The Fast V….-A…. Flip
  • This method is super quick and you can be profiting TODAY.
  • There are 4 videos in total that show you:
  • Video 1 – Where To Find Thousands Of These Domains. The EXACT site where you can find domains dropping today that you can snipe for $12
  • Video 2 – What Specifically You Need To Look For. How to spot the valuable ones and ignore the worthless ones
  • Video 3 – How To Instantly Add Value To Them. How to turn the domain into an asset someone could buy today
  • Video 4 – Where And How To Sell Them. The EXACT site where you can find buyers for your domains
  • Method #2 – B…. A….. Domain Flips
  • This method shows how to snipe hugely valuable domains for just $12 and list them on sites that sell them for thousands.
  • There are 3 videos in total that show you:
  • Video 1 – Which Domains Will Work. The exact things you should be looking for.
  • Video 2 – Where To Download 100% FREE Software. To help you to pick out the winners and ignore the rest.
  • Video 3 – The Site(s) To List Them On. Use these sites and list your domains for FREE
  • Method #3 – L…. B.. Flips
  • This method shows how to register a domain name and sell it for $197-$497 to people who are DESPERATE for them.
  • There are 4 videos in total that show you:
  • Video 1 – Why The Domains Need These TWO Things. With them, you have an instant asset that’s in demand.
  • Video 2 – Use The FREE Software With THIS List. You get a list to use within the software that searches specifcally for these types of domains
  • Video 3 – How To Increase The Value Even Further. Do THIS to the domains and you’ll have people DESPERATE to buy
  • Video 4 – Where To Find Them. Exactly how to find a buyer for your domain including the exact script to use
  • And there are also LOTS of other golden nuggets shared within the video training too!
  • Method #4 – The I…… P…… Flips
  • The are 5 videos in total in this method that show you:
  • Video 1 – What You Need To Add Value. This is the crucial part to this method and this video shows you exactly what to do and how to do it.
  • Video 2 – Free Ways To Find This Value Addon. There are many sites where you can find these value addons and use your domain name for them.
  • Video 3 – How To Build This Value Addon In Minutes. Just takes a few minutes to create your value packed site
  • Video 4 – How To BUMP This Value Even Further. You’ll get more for your domains when you do this
  • Video 5 – Where To Sell The Domains. Live examples of how and where I sell these domains
  • How to choose a profitable Amazon niche
  • What to look for when choosing a domain name (and what to avoid)
  • How to create your website using WordPress (no coding skills required)
  • How much content to add to the site
  • How to rank the website to get lots of free traffic from Google
  • Getting the BEST price when selling the website
  • …and lots more

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