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  • GB Name : CTR Booster + OTOs
  • Version :Last
  • OS :Anything
  • Type : CTR Booster

RankBrain is one of the Top 3 Ranking Factors that takes into account User Experience. It monitors User Behavioural Signals (Click Through Rate, Bounce Rate, Dwell Time, and Pogo Sticking)


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  • Google search & clicks for ANY Keyword :- Boost CTR, improve User engagement data and Increase websites ranking
  • YouTube Search & Clicks for ANY Keyword :- Boost CTR, Increase video hits and views and increase Video Ranking
  • Perform Local search & clicks for Google Maps :- Boost Local Map CTR, Increase user behaviour signals and Boost Local Business Results
  • Intelligent "Pogo-Stick" Search & Clicks that Visit competitors first (for a short time) before clicking the back button and then visiting your own listing:- Look like a real human, reduce bounce rates and boost Dwell time
  • Increase Time on site, scroll around your site and click internal links :- Boost CTR, improve User engagement data and Increase websites ranking
  • Boost Signals from Mobile and desktop devices :- Make searches look like they are being done from Mobile or desktop devices (an absolute must after the Google mobile first index update)
  • Get direct Video Views for durations of your choice :- Boost video views and watch time (perfect for getting & maintaining YouTube Min views requirement)
  • Boost Google Organic, Google Maps and YouTube CTR using ISP Level IP’s :- Having REAL users in the system Perform the searches and clicks for you
  • Boost CTR on ALL 3 Major Search Engines – Google, Yahoo & Bing AND RANK in Each one
  • Perform Direct website Hits & Clicks – Boost “Direct” AND ”Referrer” Traffic for ANY URL
  • Schedule & Control Engagement Times – Have Full Control over what Times actions get performed
  • Faster Speeds & More Projects - Get more work done with Twice as many Threads & Projects
  • Install & Work on Multiple Computers - Work with the Enterprise Upgrade on up to 3 Computers

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