Download Software Cinch Tweet 2.0

  • GB Name : Cinch Tweet 2.0 + OTOs
  • Version :Last
  • OS :Anything
  • Type : Twitter Marketing Tools

World First: Artificial Intelligence Powered Twitter Marketing
Finally as marketers we’re able to use a piece of software for Twitter marketing that DOESN’T smell like an automated robot, this new Twitter marketing software marks a step towards personalised automation like you’ve never seen before!
Your Twitter account is all about building your audience & connecting with that audience in an authentic way.
Authentic? Yeah, that’s hard – but we’ve taken out 99% of the challenge.


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FE: CinchTweet

  • Find & Follow Targeted Users : Connect your Twitter account and choose how fast/slow you want to build your audience (slow is better… more natural looking!)
  • Automate Tweets/Retweets : Set our software to look for targeted tweets for you to retweet filling your account with lots of relevant content.
  • Smart Hashtagging # : Hashtags are where your account will get you traffic from wider sources than just your followers. This builds your audience even more!
  • Location Based Tweets : Using our advanced settings, you can set where CinchTweet finds your new followers and which tweets to RT & reply to.
  • Personalised Follow Suggestions : Finding people to follow is an individual thing, our system will match you with the best people in your niche.
  • Custom Search Dates : Build fresher audiences, or use this setting for some ‘flashback’ fun.
  • Call To Action Tweets : Twitter is great for branding, but you want money too yeah? Schedule money making tweets and break up content with cash!
  • Send Automated PM’s : Create real personalisation with an automated private message that gets sent out to your followers, you can write whatever you like.
  • @Conversation Starters : Want to engage people more? Start automated conversation starters tagging them in to a greeting message with their name in it.
  • Post Search Type: Video : In the advanced settings you can select to ONLY retweet video tweets if you want to fill your feed with engaging videos
  • Post Search Type: Images : Or if you prefer, only show Images. Or… keep things interesting and you can mix it up with a combination of text, video and image.
  • Ongoing Free Viral Traffic!Set it up once and it will work for you forever, building your followers and posting on autopilot – so the best time to start is NOW!
  • Works On PC & Mac : There’s nothing to install, you simply login, connect your account, pick your settings and it will go to work for you.
  • Works With ANY Browser : If you able to view this page (you’re reading now, so I’m guessing you can!), then yes – you can use our membership site software.
  • Unbelievably Easy To Use : We’ve got step-by-step training, ready to walk you through connecting your account and start seeting followers and traffic fast.

OTO1 : Content Beast

  • Posts Ongoing, NEW & Fresh Content
  • Finds Handpicked Sources For You
  • Fresher, More Authentic Twitter Feed
  • MUCH More ‘Follow-Worthy’ Accounts
  • Choose Your Niche
  • Choose How Often To Find Articles
  • Fill It With CONTENT, Not Just Retweets

OTO2 : Smart Cash

  • Includes the following three addons:
  • – JVZoo Integration
  • – Shopify Integration
  • – Covert Commissions Integration
  • So user can display automated cash generating posts

OTO3 : WordPress Content Distributor

  • build the mega Twitter

OTO4 : Agency Access

  • Create up to 20 user accounts, charge whatever you like

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