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CapMonster benefits
Saves your money
Allows to save thousands of dollars spent on manual recognition services
Unique algorithm
Much more superior to any similar software in speed and quality
Easy to integrate
Can be easily integrated with any programs and scripts which require captcha recognition
Contains base of supported captchas, which is constantly growing up
High efficiency
Allows to recognize up to several million captchas per day on standard PC
Detecting captcha types
Detects captcha type by itself without your participation
Adding your own captchas
Can be trained to recognize almost any captcha type
What is CapMonster?
Visual recognition
Recognition process can be monitored through displaying captcha recognition activity in real-time
Ready-to-use captchas
The software recognizes most of wide-spread and popular captchas. Their base is constantly growing up
Adding your own captchas
We developed complete captcha creation studio, so you will be able to add your own captchas to the program

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