Download Software Auto Instagram 2.0

  • Name : Auto Instagram
  • Version : 2.0
  • OS : Windows
  • Type : Instagram Marketing Tools

Auto Instagram software

Instagram is not only a place to share beautiful moments through interesting photos and videos. Now, it has become one of the popular channels of youth sales.
If Facebook is increasingly competitive harsh, Instagram is a smart choice. You are also planning to do business on this new cake but do not know how to start?
TicTacSoft gives you great solutions to accomplish this.


  • Target User in the Follower list : Auto Instagram allows target users to list in the list of people interested in any user set. Can be singers, celebrities, business users of the same type with you
  • Target User in the Following list : Auto Instagram allows you to target customers in the Following list of people you care about. These are the people who have the same concerns with you and maybe this list also contains potential customers
  • Target User has Like or Comment Post :If you get a list of users like or comment posts related to the item you are trading? That's exactly who cares about the product you are trading
  • Share the article to potential customers : You easily share your post including photos or videos promoting products to tens of thousands of people in the list of potential customers.
  • Send the message Direct Mesage : Auto Instagram lets you send Direct messages to tens of thousands of potential customers without having to follow them
  • Increase Follow Accuracy : The software allows you to send a Follow request to the prospect list. There will be a large number of repeat customers. This is a way to create sustainable customer links and your Friend list will be extremely personalized
  • Easy to install and use : Software installation is simple on the computer, no need for emulator. It is possible to run multiple Instagram accounts on one computer simultaneously to increase the efficiency of your marketing campaign
  • Free update : The software is free and completely automatic when new versions are available

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