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Welcome to my pre-sale special to my complete business in box 7 figure pay per call online business training and coaching system.

Hello, my name is Chris Winters.

Welcome you to this very special pre-sale special where I take last 5 years of experience running pay per call business and share it with you. I currently specialize in just 2 offline niches that provide me and my family enough income to live where we want, send my kids to private schools, and never have to worry about money.

You really want to know me? Go to my YouTube challenge I vlog about my daily life traveling with my family. Get know my kids, wife, and me.. I do NOT hide
Get unlimited access to worlds BEST pay per call online software.
Over five years in the making with weekly updates


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  • 1 am the only one doing it. “NOTES: DO NOTE get this course ONLY for this bonus because I will refund your money. This method takes a lot of WORK. It requires you have high quality page one ranking site to our standards and as we teach in the course. If you have existing niches that you think you can just get into Google Maps this will NOT work., must follow our steps that will take about 150 hours work and 1-2 months. This is NOT some hack it takes work. I have plenty of money sites with no Google Maps listing on bottom of page 1 and page
  • 2 making recurring income. **
  • Weekly coaching calls – where I cover a topic that is important that week for the grow of your company. Then I answer all your questions LIVE. Local listings, citations, local SEO, and more changes it is dynamic hence I feel it is necessary to keep in touch once per week. In addition, the ability to ask me any business related question LIVE on call is priceless and critical to your success. All calls will be recorded, if you cannot attend a call send questions in and I answer it.
  • How I Get Clients-Without clients to buy your leads you have NO business. This is an area most struggle BUT not anymore. I show you my NO hard selling method of getting clients that requires NO high press cold calling. My method has 80% closing rate with zero need to waste your time getting thru gate keeper. It is most pleasant and easy method I have ever seen to getting endless amount of clients with zero selling.
  • BONUS TWO LIVE Events – Without a doubt the single BEST activity you can do for the growth of your business is meet others who are same path as you face to face. The events will be a ZERO pitches and content shared will be from Chris Winters and existing members who are experiencing success. There might be a few guest speakers but zero pitches. These events will be purely educational and geared towards your success. As long as your active member you pay nothing other than the travel expenses to attend. Two events per year one located in South America the other in either in Spain or South East Asia. Yes events will be recorded and available to members BUT to attend will bean experiences you will never forget. Updates: 2016 will be locations: Vegas (USA), and Barcelona (Spain). Dates and details to be determined.

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