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12 Hour Arbitrage is a Step By Step Blueprint, not a Guide that created by James Renouf. He will walk you through everything. You can literally be Arbitraging and making Sales in 12 Hours. That is not an Understatement.


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  • People sell low priced products. Many Ecom sellers are happy to make a few bucks a sale. Forget that! We don’t want to work for pennies. We want good money for our little effort. We are not in this to make short money.
  • Sellers rely on ads for traffic. That is great and we use traffic also. BUT you don’t have to. That is the key. What we are teaching today relies SOLELY on FREE traffic. That is right. We are getting mid ticket sales all day long all with free buyer traffic.
  • People source products from China. The problem with this is that the products often quite frankly suck (or should we say are of low quality). They also take forever to ship causing customer service headaches. We get the products out Super Fast. The customers are thrilled.
  • Sellers have to CONVINCE people to buy their products. We don’t have to because people are actively searching for our NAME BRAND products. We are not talking about t shirts here. We are talking about pretty much any product you want to sell! That may be hard to believe but when you pick up this product it will all make sense.
  • You will not need any experience at all to do this method. There is an 18 year old who is crushing it and doing way more than expected. VERY SIMPLE SYSTEM to use. No Website, No Money, No Inventory, No Hosting, No Programing Or Code, No Limit To Your Profits And No Limit To Your Choice Of Products To Sell!

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