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  • GB Name : eTraction KISS System
  • Version :Last
  • OS :Anything
  • Type : Ecom Facebook Marketing

Have lemons ever forced you to make lemonade? What if you can make tons of money with that lemonade? Well that's exactly what Amber did. A single mother with an urgent need to turn things around, Amber built her first successful ecommerce store and then applied her simple steps time and time again to create several successful six figure stores without an insane amount of hard work. Now you too can learn Amber's KISS method - Keep It Stupid Simple - to create your successful six-figure store.


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  • Watch us and copy and paste our every template as we build a brand new winning business from scratch...​
  • We give you amazing niches and products for your ​new store...
  • Grab our Facebook Advertising templates for fast traffic to your offers...
  • Watch and copy & paste as we build out a stunning looking store (or have us build it for you!)
  • Plus, 6 weeks of FREE additional hand holding training
  • Just $1 today, then 2 easy payments of $97 (let us know after day 1 if you weren't blown away and you will not be charged a red cent more)​

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